Electronics Prototyping in Shenzhen

There is no other place in the world where you can prototype as quickly or as cheaply as Shenzhen.  It is one of the wonderful side effects of being the Factory of the World.  If you’re a startup [...]

Complex Electronics Guide

Are you planning on making a device full of complex electronics for your next hardware startup?  If so, the smartphone / tablet design guide by Mike Yeh is a fantastic source of information. [...]

PCB Assembly 101

Electronics are inside nearly every consumer hardware device you buy today. They are the brains and guts that make our devices interesting. If you’re building a hardware startup, chances are good [...]

How HARD can that be?

A few days ago, the HAXLR8R founder gave a keynote at The New Context Conference in Tokyo, organized by Joi Ito. The conference was really awesome and the takeaways about where ‘all this’ is [...]