It’s been a while since our last update, since (well you guessed it) we’ve been busy selecting the 10 finalists and set-up our new office (right on top of the biggest electronic market in the world. Why? Because we can).

A few days after the start of the program we will be kicking off a cool project with our friends at Seeed Studio: the GENERATOR Conference.

shenzhen generator conference

The goal of this event is to share best practices from successful and failed hardware startups, talk about trends and usual hot topics, but also offer a new platform for hardware startups to launch their products. All that in a cool environment, with weird music, flying drones and Richard Dean Anderson… Maybe. Maybe not.

For it’s V1.0, GENERATOR will be hosted in the maker paradise: Shenzhen! We’ll have cool people hailing from all over China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Europe and US, including mentors and alum of HAXLR8R. Yeah, it’s the place to know what’s up with hardware startups in the world.

V2.0 is scheduled to be sometime in 2013 in San Francisco, so stay tuned as we’ll try not to fuck up the first one to start with.

Details about the conference can be found on the GENERATOR homepage. See you there.

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