Shenzhen Makerfaire, round 2!

Makers, rejoice! Shenzhen Makerfaire is back finally! A long way has been covered since the first Makerfaire in China launched last year, and the organizers are expecting visitor counts to be [...]

HAXLR8on: Boom Shakalaka!

HAXLR8R’s culture is about building things, fast. We don’t hesitate to take shortcuts when it comes to get shit done while encouraging … The proof is in the pudding and this is why every HAXLR8R [...]

New Year, New office, New everything

HAXLR8R is up and running and there is no time to spare here to get to market! We’ve been called HAXLR8onians for a reason… Here are a few pictures about what’s going on here, since almost [...]