Application Deadline: December 31st 2019

HAXLR8R launches Hardware News

Hardware News is a social news website that caters to hardware hackers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to all things hardware. Yes, it was about time. Run to for a beta preview!


So what’s going on there? Well, a shit ton:

– News curated by HAXLR8R to bring you the best of the hardware news across the web

– News curated by YOU: simply create an account, start posting links, and off you go

– Comment/Share: every story is the start of a discussion!

– Upvote/Downvote to help sort out the ‘top’ stories (which will be published on Twitter)

– Browse: by time, category but most importantly by tags! Check what’s up with Robots, Arduino, 3D Printing, or Kickstarter.

Soon you’ll be able to create your own subset of topics, add new ones, and more…

… so this is it, enjoy, send us feedback and we’ll make it better!

You can get a digest of the top news through the Twitter handle of Hardware News.

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