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HAX Demo Day S6-2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to Demo Day at Autodesk’s Gallery Space in San Francisco earlier today. We had a great time! If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch the recording of the event on YouTube.


Batch S6 Companies

Here’s a quick recap of the companies that launched today. Several of them are already running active Kickstarter campaigns. Check them out soon if you want to score those early-bird only backer rewards!

Arduboy A game system on a credit card

Arduboy is a credit card size portable gaming platform for 8-bit game lovers and developers. Arduboy allows users to create and install their own games or play classics such as Flappy Ball, Space Rocks, Snake and Hangman. Arduboy is based in Portland, Ore.

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Aria Gesture recognition for smartwatches

Aria is a new gesture-based controller embedded into a watchband that revolutionizes the way people interact with technology. It can recognize up to 20 different finger gestures and connects to other devices via Bluetooth. Aria is based in London, United Kingdom.

Bartesian A personal bartender

Like a Keurig® machine for cocktails, Bartesian uses single-serve capsules made with premium alcoholic ingredients to prepare cocktails at the press of a button. Bartesian makes it easy for anyone to enjoy an on-demand authentic cocktail experience. Bartesian is based in Ontario, Canada.

BBB Mobile medical-grade blood testing

BBB is building an Android-based mobile blood-testing device that requires only a drop of blood to diagnose all conditions and then provide users with actionable healthcare information. BBB has offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Shenzhen.

Electroloom Creating garments at the touch of a button

Electroloom is building the future of fabrics with a process called ‘electrospinning,’ which guides fine fibers of materials, from polyester to silk, into a pre-designed 3D model using high voltage electric fields. Electrospinning results in a finished garment that is created and printed entirely from a digital file that can be easily shared or modified. Electroloom is based in San Francisco.

Feetme The world’s smartest insoles for health and performance

FeetMe provides insoles that map foot pressure in real time with high resolution. Initially designed for diabetic patients to avoid ulcers that can lead to amputations, FeetMe is also useful for runners looking for detailed information about their running to avoid injuries and improve performance. FeetMe allows users to connect the smart soles via Bluetooth to any smartphone or smartwatch for real-time analytics on dynamics and movements. FeetMe is based in France.

Flair Smart vents for optimal climate and thermal comfort

Flair makes heating and cooling system intuitive by introducing smart vents and remote sensors/controllers, allowing granular control of temperature of homes. Flair allows users to control rooms individually and can substantially reduce home energy consumption. Flair is based in San Francisco.

Kokoon World’s first smart headphones for sleep

Kokoon is a set of bluetooth headphones designed to help users relax and sleep easier. With a unique combination of patented comfort technology, a partnership with major high-end audio brand, brainwave sensors and intelligent audio, Kokoon is the ideal set of headphones for better relaxation and sleep. Kokoon is based in the United Kingdom.

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Lir Scientific The bladder sensor that solves urinary incontinence

Lir’s mission is to make adult diapers a thing of the past, with the world’s first non-invasive bladder sensor to prevent incontinence from affecting people’s lives. Lir’s product Brightly is designed to be worn around the waist and monitor bladder fullness. When a user’s bladder is nearing capacity, Brightly sends alerts directly to a paired smart device. Lir is based in San Francisco.

Miramix A platform for customized mixes

Miramix is a maker’s platform for common everyday blends. The platform is designed for experts in supplements and cosmetics to make custom mixes for individuals, based on what their needs. The company connects health experts with consumers and allows them to use its turnkey production equipment to make every order exactly to the user’s specifications. Miramix is based in Boston.

Aquatrek Make your fishtank smart and clean

Moai’s product AquaTrek is a miniature robot equipped with a camera that allows users to capture and share underwater wonders with friends. It also helps keep the fishtank clean even amidst a busy urban lifestyle.

Motion Metrics A professional ski instructor in your boots

Carve by MotionMetrics uses custom built sensors to improve skiing technique through actionable feedback to help both skiers and their instructors. Tested by professional skiers to improve performance, Carve by MotionMetrics is a cutting-edge digital ski coach. Carve provides hyper-accurate tracking analysis for ski instructors and skiers alike, adding valuable performance analytics for skiers of all abilities. MotionMetrics is based in the U.K.

Ourobotics 3D print living organisms

Using a high-precision desktop bio-printer for medical applications, Ourobotics’s Ouro provides a one-stop modular tool for researchers in biotech labs who need accurate and reliable scaffolding printed in liquid. Ouro can be used for a variety of applications, including tissue growth in reconstructive surgery or to tremendously accelerate medical research. Ourobotics is based in Ireland.

PicBuy World’s first smart showroom for retail

PicBuy is a connected selfie mirror installed at retail locations, which allows shoppers to keep track of the clothes they try on in stores, share them on social networks for feedback and eventually purchase online at a later date. PicBuy is based in China.

Preemadonna Inventors of the Nailbot

Preemadonna has created a family of automated devices that decorate nails with unique art and polish. The Nailbot empowers girls and women to creatively and conveniently express themselves anytime and anywhere. Preemadonna is based in Menlo Park, CA.

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