Application Deadline: March 31st 2020

Maker Faire Recap

This past weekend was Maker Faire Bay Area, which was a blast. We had our own booth showcasing many of the products that launched out of HAX. If you stopped by our booth, thanks for dropping by!

Maker Faire has always been a good opportunity for teams to do customer development, get people to sign up for their newsletters, or direct people to their Kickstarters for those who have launched — oh yeah, and practice pitching.


Check more pictures on Facebook (part 1) (part 2). Video coming soon. And follow us on facebook to get updates, if you haven’t already.

By the end of it, most of the teams were completely worn out, as they talked to hundreds of attendees, if not thousands.

Follow us on Kickstarter as well, to see the companies currently running campaigns, many of which are hugely successful.

A lot of exciting things are going on, with many start-ups making media appearances, like Next Thing Co’s C.H.I.P on Fox News, and several of our start-ups will be launching in the months to come.

Stay tuned!

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