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HAX Takes Over CES With 82 Startups Exhibiting At The Show

We wrote for Forbes about China being the untold winner of CES, the giant annual consumer electronics show. France had a strong presence too, under the #FrenchTech banner. But there was another winner: HAX.

haxHAX Startups Proudly Representing at CES 2017

HAX brought the largest private group to exhibit at CES: a staggering grand total of 82 startups, from consumer devices to robotics and health tech.

HAX @ CES in numbers:

+ 82 Startups participating

+ 50 private tours given to retailers, investors, distributors and media 

+ 2 sold-out events co-hosted with Kickstarter and HP Tech Ventures

+ Meetings with Target, Best Buy, Brookstone, Amazon, Wal-mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC and more.

+ Multiple awards, including:

Hat tip to our Shenzhen and San Francisco teams who designed and prepped the booths, shipped large amounts of scaffolding from China, drove a truck from SF, and gathered over-qualified manpower to assemble the whole thing 🙂

unpackNow it’s time to pack up

Until CES 2018!

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