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HAX 9 Demo Day: Health, China and Robots

HAX Demo Day(s) in SF was a success again! Hundreds of VCs, Corporates and Media braved the rain to visit our latest crop of 23 startups.

This time, we decided to NOT have pitches. Instead we shared product videos and focused on 1:1 matching with demo booths. It seems that most people preferred this format, which allows them to focus on the projects they are most interested in.


No sitting around & more time to talk and experience.

Three main themes emerged from the latest crop of HAX startups. You can also read TechCrunch’s take here.

Health has become a major topic for us over the past 2 years, with already 25 investments in the category. We also signed a cooperation with Johnson & Johnson for Consumer Health Devices, to help with market data, regulations and distribution.


Health/Medtech/Wellness Devices: 25 investments and counting

China is growing fast. We invested in 8 Chinese startups last year and they are just as innovative, and often move faster than their international counterparts. Watch the latest trailer here. Can you tell which companies are Chinese? (hint: there are four of them)

Robotics is still a strong theme. Service and industrial robots continue to perform. We ventured for the first time into the treacherous area of social robotics, with EMYS, who teaches foreign languages to kids.

Last, consumer devices do not need introductions at HAX. They represent about 50% of our portfolio and we have a pretty good playbook now. Trivia: HAX has 10 startups among the world’s Top 100 Kickstarter projects. Here is the complete list.

As a side note, we had 83 startups exhibiting at CES. HAX is not a country but that’s more than twice as many as Japan!

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