HAX Growth VII Announcement

Friends, mentors, partners of HAX Growth: we are pleased to introduce you to our latest batch of launch-ready hardware startups, starting with us on Monday, May 8th in San Francisco. Visit us anytime to check out the products and meet the founders behind the madness!

Alpha Revolution Inc.: HOPii is a smart brewing platform that allows beer drinkers to ferment perfectly from their homes with the touch of a button, enabling everyone to experience the fresh out-of-tank experience that you would get at a brewery in your home.

HOPii home brewing

Backbone: Perfect posture effortlessly. Backbone aligns and supports your posture, notifies you whenever you slouch, and reminds you to take a break!

Backbone Posture Brace

Bikeep: Smart bike racks which enable personal bike locking, e-bike charging and P2P bike sharing. We solve your bike theft problem. No bike has ever been stolen from Bikeep.

Bikeep Bike Rack

Fabo: Fabo is the new generation interactive kiosk experience which brings together a unique mix: digital advertising and instant print products. Our mission is to bring dead simple user experience and affordable but high quality print products to various retail environments.

FABO photo kiosk

Heads Up: The Heads Up wearable communication system allows operators to receive personal safety and time critical updates while maintaining focus by providing alerts within their peripheral vision. Heads Up enables instant communication between operators, safety crews, management teams, and life-saving sensor technology.


Kamarq: The Sound Table is a high-quality table that features a Bluetooth speaker and wireless internet capabilities. It is designed to play music and clear space for relaxation and comfort.

Kamarq Sound Table

Lovely Inc.: Lovely learns what you and your partner enjoy in bed and suggests new positions, stimulation techniques and sex-related ideas based on your liking.

Lovely Sex Toy

Skelmet: Skelmet is revolutionizing the eyewear industry with 3D Fit technology, combining state of the art 3D scanning with 3D printing to automatically measure, design, and produce bespoke sunglasses. For the first time, you can have your very own sport sunglasses made just for you.


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