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HAX Newsletter: May 2017

Welcome to the HAX Newsletter!

Stay tuned for regular updates on our alumni, staff and current teams
in Shenzhen and San Francisco.

HAX News

HAX Growth 7

The New HAX Growth 7 Has Arrived!
HAX growth 7 kicked off on May 8th in San Francisco. This batch is half B2B, half B2C for the first time, and it’s off to a great start. Click here to learn more about the teams.

Duncan Turner Bloomberg Interview

Bloomberg TV Interviewed Duncan Turner About Supporting The Silicon Valley of Hardware
In an interview with Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera, Duncan talks about what he looks for when taking a startup under his wing.
Check it out here to watch the interview!

HAX Juicero Article

Ben Explains Why Investors Loved Juicero
If you haven’t heard of Juicero yet, it’s the latest smart kitchen revolution: a connected cold-press juicer for the home. Introduced at US$699, it is now priced US$399 with packs ranging from US$5 to US$8. Check it out here

HAX Nature China's Silicon Valley

HAX Featured in Nature “China’s Silicon Valley”
Imagination and innovation are ubiquitous motifs in the manufacturing powerhouse of Shenzhen. For decades, the city grew rich by manufacturing products designed overseas.
Check it out here!


Kniterate GIF

Kniterate (HAX A8) passed $500,000 raised on Kickstarter
Create a design and press knit. A compact digital knitting machine to bring fashion fabrication back to your neighborhood.
Check it out here!


Sonicam (HAX C1) Recently Launched Its Kickstarter Campaign and Reached Its Goal within 24hrs
Affordable professional sound & video camera for 3D VR. The ultimate VR camera for professionals looking to record deeply immersive 3D experiences that maps 360º of sound to 360º video.
Check it out here!

Portfolio News


Google Announced Emberlight (HAX G3) and Particle (HAX A2) as Its Partners
Google Assistant now supports Emberlight smart home devices. Emberlight sounds like a maker of smart light bulbs, but it actually makes smart light bulb sockets to turn existing lights into smart ones.
Check it out here!
Particle has teamed up with Google to create a 1st-class integration with Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform Enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.
Check it out here!

Simbe Robotics

Simbe Robotics (HAX A7) featured in “The Silicon Valley Startup Creating Robot DNA”
How retail robotics automated shelf auditing and analytics? Like almost every industry, retail is being shaped by the IoT-or more specifically, autonomous robots and algorithms. Check it out here


HabitAware (HAX A8) Featured in Prevention
I tried to wearing a tracker to stop playing with my hair, and here’s how it went. It’s tough to break a habit. If It were easy, there wouldn’t be so many different tricks to doing it that people swear by.
Check it out here!


HAX Featured in Wired Documentary Series
Hit Wired documentary “Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware” passes 750K views! Check out the full documentary here.

What is the Future of Health
Learn more with “The Rise of Gen H” here.

Upcoming Events that HAX will Attend

Pioneers (Vienna) – June 1-2, the ultimate meeting point for tech founders, innovation executives & investors to build partnership and shape the future.
Startup Village (Moscow) – June 6-7, the largest startup conference in Russia & CIS for technology entrepreneurs
EmTech HongKong – June 6-7, EmTech Hong Kong is not an average tech conference. It is a curation of the world’s leading tech executives, scientists, and investors.
TechCrunch Shenzhen China 2017 – June 17-20
Check out and register for any upcoming HAX Events here!

Are you a mentor or friend of HAX who would like to come meet with the current batch in Shenzhen, China or San Francisco? Shoot us a note!

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