A Great Year For HAX Consumer Products

Launching a product with a major retailer is a slow process. At HAX, we spend weeks preparing our consumer teams to pitch the major players in the space: Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Apple, etc. A key part of our HAX Growth program is a “field trip” to Minneapolis where our startup founders get to meet with retail buyers from Target and Best Buy on their home turf (both are headquartered in the Twin Cities). We spend weeks preparing our cohort for these meetings, and the hard work always pays off!

We started taking our consumer teams to Minneapolis in May of 2016. With five of these “field trips” now in the books, we are starting to see the results pour in for our teams. It’s an exciting time to be a HAX Growth alum!

Here are a few highlights:

JOY (Growth V) is launching on July 21st in 1500+ Target stores

JOY Target Launch

Emberlight (Growth III) is now available in 270 Target stores

Emberlight Target

KoalaSafe (HAX Growth V) is available in 255 Target stores and on Target.com


Mofily (Growth IV) and iBaby (Growth V) were both featured on QVC recently

iBaby QVC

GoBone (Growth VI), PixlPlay (Growth VI), and Mofily are all being featured at Target Open House, too.

PIxl Target Open House
YoCam Target Open House
GoBone Target Open House

HAX Growth is a 7-week launch bootcamp for hardware startups based in downtown San Francisco. The HAX Growth program is the best-in-class hardware accelerator focused on launching B2C and B2B startups. Teams are prepared to sell in the real world, to build an advanced distribution network, and to market & growth hack like a Fortune 50 company. HAX teams meet with key customers at the end of the program to culminate the accelerator experience.

Hear more from our alumni here! Apply here for our August 7th batch.

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