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HAX DEMO DAY #10: If Software’s Eating the World, That World is Hardware

By Ben Joffe, Duncan Turner, Cyril Ebersweiler

Yesterday we were gathered by 700 of our closest friends to discuss the future of hardware and showcase fifteen of our newest start-ups (alongside twelve HAX alumni). Yes, it’s our largest demo day to date!

The focus of the day: the next industrial revolution has started. Internet connectivity was the spark to making the physical world smarter, now data is starting to flow from every device and object. Every industry is getting impacted – and hardware has become the data acquisition tool. If software is eating the world, that world is hardware.

Similar to our last demo day, we took more of a showcase approach, rather than a big stage event – putting attendees on the accessible ground floor in the heart of IoT tech. While it’s a format that we’ve found works well, we realize there was much to see, so let’s recap happenings from the day.


This is the ten-year mark of smart device pioneers. Companies like Fitbit, GoPro, and Pebble – most are over 10 years old. As we discussed in our Hardware Trends 2017, we’ve come a long way – and have a long way to go – but in order to get excited about the future, it starts with what’s happening now.

Yesterday we showcased six consumer start-ups, each of which were driven by the desire of customers for quality experiences at home. A few highlights:

Beetl: Say hello to the autonomous robot that will do your hated chores, like picking up after your dog. Yes, it will roam your backyard and clean up after your furry friend. Take that Roomba!

Beetl Robot
Poop be gone!

TEAMOSA: Calling all tea drinkers! This smart machine will make you the perfect cup of tea. Bridging science with the art of traditional tea making, TEAMOSA will maximize antioxidant release from your tea leaves – ensuring you get the most health benefits with every sip. Check em out – they launched their kickstarter campaign yesterday!

Teamosa tea
Now if only a robot could bring me a biscuit. 😉


Often, when people think about HAX, they think about consumer, but that’s not always the case these days. There’s been a bit of a shift the last few years into the health, enterprise, and industrial spaces.

Health, in fact, has become our largest category – and it’s an area we’re really passionate about. Essentially, we’re going know more about our bodies than we ever did before and thus, be able to predict ahead of time before we get ill, prevent illness from occurring in the first place, and get personalized feedback on our daily lives.

In yesterday’s showcase, we featured ten new health hardware companies, each of which are aiming to make us the healthiest people we can be – and help medical practitioners help us live better lives.

A few highlights:

Flow Neuroscience: A new way to fight depression, using medication-free treatment that combines a brain stimulation wearable and an app-based therapy program.

Flow Neuroscience

Bitome: An at-home diagnostic tool for managing chronic disease.


Feel: The world’s first emotion sensor and well-being advisor – a wearable wristband that recognizes and tracks human emotions throughout the day.

Feel Band

Sana: A wearable device that can help put you to sleep in an average of ten minutes. Hooray for better sleep!



We’re not stopping at consumer and health, either. As covered in our Hardware Trends 2017 Report (yes, another shamless plug – you should read it!), we discussed the future of enterprise and industry – specifically data gathering in the IoT kind of way.

Companies of note, for example:

Breezi: Raising the IQ of the smart home, it’s a wireless device that enables homeowners to detect problems with their HVAC systems before they become severe. Hello cost and energy savings!


Clarity: Tackling the global air pollution crisis, this IoT device combines air-sensing technology and data analytics – deploying the next-generation of air quality monitoring networks around the world and enabling us to build smarter cities through smarter data.


SmartShepherd: On a mission to enable farmers to breed more profitable livestock, this solution uses low cost Bluetooth technology and an IoT architecture to substantially decrease the barrier of entry to full pedigree recording.



If you’d like to connect with any of these companies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at And in closing, we’d like to thank everyone who came to our event yesterday and made it such a success.

We appreciate your time – hope to see you next year. Oh, and have we mentioned our Hardware Trends 2017 Report? Ok, ok, enough. But seriously, you should read it.

The HAX Team

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