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HAX Newsletter: September 2017

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in Shenzhen and San Francisco.

HAX News

HAX Demo Day #10

New Innovative products unveiled At the HAX Demo Day!
San Francisco (KGO) — Some claims to cure insomnia, anxiety, and kids who won’t do their chores. Those are just a few of the sales pitches for products unveiled at the HAX Demo Day in San Francisco. Click the link to watch the news.


Rather than Fight Apple and Google, Investors are backing Niche and Enterprise Hardware – HAX was Featured on CNBC
Apple’s smartwatch and iPhone announcements last week set off a wave of excitement among consumers and investors. But they also highlighted a harsh reality for start-ups —it’s nearly impossible to compete with big brands in consumer electronics. Check it out here!

HAX @ Apple Demo Day

Congrats to the 11 HAX consumer hardware teams who pitched the Apple buying team
Teams from the HAX 8 Growth Stage Program were joined by alumni to pitch the buyers at Apple this week. Apple told us that they were very excited to see the innovative products coming out of HAX. Looking forward to seeing some HAX products on Apple shelves in the next year!



Moona (HAX A10) Smart Pillow Temperature Regulation To Improve Sleep
The first smart product improving sleep by regulating pillow temperature: fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep and wake up naturally. Check it out here!


MOAI (HAX A10): Robot for Your Aquarium
Robotic camera plus cleaner for your aquarium. MOAI brings less worry and more fun to your aquarium hobby. Check it out here!

TEAMOSA Kickstarter

Teamosa (HAX A1): Your Personal Tea Brewing Master
An automated tea brewing machine that uses ultrasonic to retain up to 20% more antioxidants than traditionally brewed tea. Check it out here!

Portfolio News


Jan Kędzierski, Co-founder of EMYS (HAX A9) Was Selected as The Only Polish Inventor to Get Onto The MIT Innovators Under 35 European List.
Learning a second or third language can be as necessary as it is exhausting and, in many cases, boring – especially for young learners. To address this, this polish doctor in robotics ( and father ) Jan Kędzierski is betting on a robotic application of robotics has earned him a spot on the list of MIT Technology Review. Check it out here!


Programmable Drone Review: Airblock Takes STEM to New Heights
Robotic startup Makeblock (HAX G1) looks to change that with the first modular and programmable drone, the Airblock, which can do a barrel roll, break into pieces, and be ready for re-launch in just a matter of seconds. Check it out here!

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites (HAX A3) is a Capable Canine Companion for When You’re not Home
Keep your dogs close but your kitties closer, is I think the expression. Maybe, whatever it is, pets are important to people. And keeping a close watch on them even when you’re not located in the same place has become increasingly possible. Check it out here!


HAX Short Documentary “The Unreasonable” By Anomaly
Check out the full documentary here.

What is the Future of Health
Learn more with “The Rise of Gen H” here.

Hardware Trends Report 2017
Check out the report here

HAX Event Series
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