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HAX Newsletter: November 2017

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HAX News


2017 HAX Holiday Gift Guide
The holiday season is upon us. Yes, that means we have less than five weeks until 2018. With 35 days to go, you’ve got some shopping to do. Need ideas?
Check it out here!


70 Years of VC Innovation – By Sean O’Sullivan, Cyril Ebersweiler, Benjamin Joffe
Beyond new funding structures, VCs keep trying to find ways to ensure the success of their startups. In addition to hands-on support for the strategy, product and business development, or going global, VC firms try to foster peer learning and involve communities of supporters early on. Check it out here!



Pregnancy Wearable Maker Bloomlife (HAX G3) Receives $2.3M in Grant Funding
Bloomlife, a woman health technology company, has received two grants totaling $2.3 million that will be used to help fund a longitudinal study of its remote fetal monitoring wearable and also to expand development of the product.
Check it out here!


Y Combinator and Almaz Capital Have Invested $10 Million In New Funding into Petcube (HAX A3)
Petcube using AI to figure out what our pets are trying to tell us. Petcube makes WI-FI connected cameras that let owners check in on their pets remotely. U.S. pet owners spend more than $3,500 a year on their pets, on average. Check it out here!

minut point 2

Point (HAX A5) – The Friendly Home Alarm on Kickstarter
Point is a complete home alarm in a single device. No invasive cameras or complex setups. Know instantly when something is wrong. Point alerts you when something that matter happens. Check it out here!

Portfolio News

flow neuroscience

A Swedish Startup (HAX A8) Wants to End The Use of Antidepressants with a head-mounted Wearable
The device puts into action an emerging field of treatment called “brain zapping”, which, many scientists believe, could help treat everything from learning disabilities to stroke-related speech impairment; and Flow Neuroscience’s case, depression.
Check it out here!


Clarity’s New Website Launch
Congratulations to HAX alumni Clarity movement on Launching their new website! Leading the clean air movement.
Check it out here!


Review: Nuraphones (HAX A8) Are The Best Headphones Any of Us Have Ever Heard
Every ear is different, in anatomy as well as in accumulated hearing damage. And the difference is absolutely massive, it’s like a magic trick that pulls amazing detail and fullness out of music you’ve heard a thousand times before.
Check it out here!


HAX Short Documentary “The Unreasonable” By Anomaly
Check out the full documentary here.

What is the Future of Health
Learn more with “The Rise of Gen H” here.

Hardware Trends Report 2017
Check out the report here

HAX Event Series
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