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CES was a blast. Sure, there was a little rain and a few blackouts, but hey – startup life is all about adventure.

The magic, in our opinion, is what was happening inside Eureka Park, the startup zone that, rumor has it, broke a new record with over 900 startups. With so much to see, it’s tough to get to everything. So, you busy bees, consider this your quick-and-dirty, HAX-style recap.

The Hottest, Award-Winning Hardware

As we mentioned in our last post, over 40 HAX teams were present this year – all of which showcased the latest and greatest in hardware innovation. And while CES is technically a consumer-facing show, the beauty in hardware is that it can span both B2B and B2C. HAX startups this year celebrated both.

A few of the highlights:

MakeblockListed as one of the best gaming gadgets by Rolling Stone and winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award

The Cute Robot That Teaches Kids to Code. “Makeblock is showing off Codey Rocky at CES this week. This adorable robot is designed to help teach entry-level coding to children ages 6 and up. ‘Codey’ is the detachable controller with more than 10 electronic modules controlled via code. ‘Rocky’ is the car that lets kids take their programs on the go. Makeblock launched a Kickstarter campaign in November and has already surpassed its $100,000 goal. It’s expected to come out in the spring.” – Rolling Stone

Oya Labs: Winner of Best of Baby Tech Learn & Play Award by Good Housekeeping

For those of you not familiar with this new startup, Oya Labs is the maker of Wordle, the world’s first platform that enables parents to monitor the learning environment of a baby.

Consisting of two parts – a baby-safe, no screen (and waterproof) device and a Smart Parenting Coach app – Wordle monitors key indicators of a baby’s brain development in the first years, i.e. the number of words, conversations, etc. that the baby hears, and provides parents with evidence-based tips to effectively support their baby’s cognitive and socio-emotional development.

Wordle launches in early Spring 2018 and the Wordle App is currently open for testing in Beta. Visit to join the closed group of Early Parent Testers.

Nura: Recipient of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Best of Innovation Award for the most impressive technology in the headphone category

Calling all audio obsessives! If you’re new to the world of nuraphones, get ready to have your world rocked. These are no ordinary headphones – they’re designed to learn and adapt to your unique hearing profile. But don’t take our word for it…

The technology is revolutionary, the idea is extraordinary, and the sound is transcendent. – Review: Nuraphones are the best headphones any of us have ever heard, New Atlas 

The nuraphones are something to be cherished. – BBC FOCUS Magazine

Do you hear what I hear? Nope. And these headphones adapt for that. – Digital Trends

For more information and to order a pair of your own, visit

Vue: Recipient of the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) Innovation Award and honoree of CES 2018 Innovation Award for wearable technologies.

Where smart meets style, Vue is no ordinary pair of glasses. They are the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use, including music, calls, activities, and notifications.

What’s more: Vue frames come with integrated technology, meaning your glasses will be able to do more than meets the eye. To learn more and pre-order your pair, visit their website and Kickstarter page.

Mindset: Recipient of a CES 2018 Innovation Award

Did you know that every time you’re interrupted, it takes you approx. 15 minutes to get your focus back? Mindset is designed to specifically help with that – they’re smart headphones that improve your concentration. Using EEG technology, they train your brain to tune out distractions.

For more information and to pre-order your pair, visit

Petronics: Named one of the most exciting pet gadgets of CES 2018 (and one of the weirdest by TIME)

The truth is: cats are born to hunt, which is exactly what Mousr by Petronics focuses on. Designed from the wheels up to play the way your cat wants, it’s endless play for your favorite feline. I mean, who said consumer electronics couldn’t include pets?!

The Mousr is a really cool AI-controlled pet toy for cats that’ll drive and spin around for hours on end. If you have an energetic cat (or one you wish was more active), this could be the perfect pet toy for them. – The Most Exciting Pet Gadgets of CES 2018

The Mousr can move in a way that attracts your cat and then react accordingly when the feline catches it. When the cat captures the toy, for example, Mousr will act in the same way an actual mouse would when being hunted, the company claims. Mousr is estimated to start shipping in March 2018. – A Cat Toy with Artificial Intelligence, TIME

For more on HAX at CES 2018, check out Ben Joffe’s 26 Observations – and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be posting more on happenings behind the scenes. Onward.

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