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HAX Newsletter: January 2018

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CES 2018: Notable Moments & Awards
More than 40 HAX startups were present at CES this year, all showcasing the latest and greatest in hardware innovation. Many of them walked away with notable mentions and awards, all of which we cover in our CES 2018 Recap. Check it out.

Makeblock CES award

Makeblock: Winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award
Recipient of the CES 2018 Innovation Award and listed as one of the best gaming gadgets by Rolling Stone. Read the full article here.


Oya Labs: Winner of Best in Baby Tech Learn & Play
For those of you not familiar with this new startup, Oya Labs is the maker of Wordle, the world’s first platform that enables parents to monitor the learning environment of babies. This year, they won the Best in Baby Tech, Learn & Play Award by Good Housekeeping. Learn more here.

Nura CES Award

Nura: Winner of the CTA Best of Innovation Award
Recipient of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Best of Innovation Award for the most impressive technology in the headphone category. Read more about it here.


Vue: Winner of the SVIEF Innovation Award
Recognized for their unique technology – the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use, including music, calls, activities, and notifications – Vue was awarded the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) Innovation Award. Learn more about their CES happenings here.

Mindset CES Award

Mindset: Winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award
Winner of the CES 2018 Innovation Award for their technology, a unique capability of improving your concentration by helping you train your brain to tune out distractions. Learn more about Mindset here and here.


Makeblock’s (HAX A1) Codey Rocky Wants To Be Your Kid’s Cute Coding Robot Friend
Makeblock, a maker of Lego-compatible electronic blocks to teach kids how to code, has ventured into robotics. At CES 2018, it’s showing off the Codey Rocky, a cute little robot that serves to be your coding companion. It boasts easy-to-use robotics hardware plus a graphical programming interface so even your precocious little six-year-old can get started on her engineering career. Check it out here!


PetCube (HAX A3): VC-Backed Startups to Check Out at CES
Petcube provides an interactive pet monitor that keeps pet owners connected with their animals via live video and a built-in laser pointer. Here’s a look at eight startups exhibiting at [CES], complete with details on each company’s total VC funding and current valuation.

ben joffe hax

Featured Articles By Benjamin Joffe
CES: Startup Trends To Watch For 2018, And Ones To Forget From 2017
If you were not one of the 184,279 lucky attendees, or if you couldn’t visit this part of the show, here are some takeaways from the 2018 edition.

26 Observations From CES 2018Eureka Park (the startup zone) broke a new record with over 900 startups.


Petronics (HAX A5): One of the Most Exciting Gadgets at CES
“The Mousr is a really cool AI-controlled pet toy for cats that’ll drive and spin around for hours on end. If you have an energetic cat (or one you wish was more active), this could be the perfect pet toy for them.” The Most Exciting Pet Gadgets of CES 2018 | Also featured in A Cat Toy with AI by TIME Magazine.


GardenSpace (HAX A10) Robot Takes The Heavy-Lifting Out of Gardening and Puts the Fun Back In
A lot of people dream about growing their own vegetable garden at home, but just don’t have the time to maintain one. You’ve got to know how much each plant needs watering, how to space them out and how to keep pests out.
Check it out here!


HAX Short Documentary “The Unreasonable” By Anomaly
Check out the full documentary here.

What is the Future of Health
Learn more with “The Rise of Gen H” here.

Hardware Trends Report 2017
Check out the report here

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