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Hardware Trends 2017

To download a pdf of this report, click here. Hardware Trends 2017 from HAX Preview Session In June 2017 with earlier report version:

Hardware Trends

To download a pdf of this report, click here. Previous versions: 2016 | 2015 Video of Preview Session with an earlier draft of the report (June 2017):

Why Investors Loved Juicero

If you haven’t heard of Juicero yet, it’s the latest smart kitchen revolution: a connected cold-press juicer for the home. Introduced at US$699, it is now priced US$399 with packs [...]

Shenzhen + Hong Kong = ShenKong?

(This post was first published on Forbes) Is ‘ShenKong’ the high-tech future combining Hong Kong and Shenzhen? (Photo: Benjamin Joffe) What should Hong Kong be? The question of the [...]

Has China Won The Drones War?

(This post was first published on Forbes) (Photo: Alexey Yuzhakov / shutterstock) Most afternoons, from outside our windows that look out over Shenzhen’s giant electronics market in [...]

HAX 9 Demo Day: Health, China and Robots

HAX Demo Day(s) in SF was a success again! Hundreds of VCs, Corporates and Media braved the rain to visit our latest crop of 23 startups. This time, we decided to NOT have pitches. Instead we [...]

What Matters To Hardware Startups, From A To Z

Here are some of the things that matter to hardware entrepreneurs, from A to Z 🙂 APPEARANCE it’s often a surprise for engineers, but most people will think you have half of what you do if your [...]

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