Hardware Trends 2015

As you probably know by now, HAX (aka HAXLR8R) invests in hardware startups. We make sure our portfolio companies build the right thing, build things right, and get to market fast. We see well [...]

HAX on Kickstarter

It’s been a long route since our humble beginning on Kickstarter, with the launch of Nomiku. Since then, HAX has helped created, launch and ship dozens of products, some of which ended on [...]

HAX 5 Demo Day

Robotics Take Center Stage as Ten New Hardware Startups Announced Products during HAXLR8R’s Fifth Demo Day New Hardware Products Span Markets Such As Wearables, Security and Synbio in HAXLR8R’s [...]

Increasing Funding Options to $100K and Former IDEO Design Lead Duncan Turner joining

HAXLR8R Bridges Shenzhen and Silicon Valley Igniting the New Industrial Revolution through Hardware Innovation Hey everyone, we just announced today some updates to the program! A larger Shenzhen [...]

Announcing GENERATOR v1.2

YES! GENERATOR is back with a second edition which will be better, bigger and… bigger. Hardware is the new software, great. But how can you build a hardware startup fast and cheap? GENERATOR is a [...]