HAXLR8R now HAX, $300k funding, Boost Program

Many things have been in development, so it’s time for an update. First, we’ve changed our name to HAX — what people have been calling us for a while now. We’ve also increased the funding [...]

HAXLR8R launches Hardware News

Hardware News is a social news website that caters to hardware hackers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to all things hardware. Yes, it was about time. Run to news.haxlr8r.com for a [...]

LAUNCH Festival, Hardware Feast

While it’s fun to hang out at CES, there is still no decent place to watch new product launches in front of a huge audience for hardware products. The LAUNCH festival has been good to a few of [...]

Hua Qiang Bei Map for Makers

The Hua Qiang Bei district is named after the historical building situated… in the North of the Hua Qiang Lu. Since its inception, the area became the mecca of electronics and the size of it is [...]

The Lean Hardware Startup: Financing

This is an excerpt of the article written by the founder of HAXLR8R, view the full version on Techcrunch. We can differentiate several steps in the life of a hardware startup: concept, minimum [...]

HAXLR8R by the numbers

With the launch of another group of 10 hardware startups, it’s time to get a bird’s eye view of what HAXLR8R is about through this infographic! Enjoy. And apply.