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Brookstone Gets Boosted by BOOST

HAX Boost is all about getting startup founders out in the wild, facing real world customers and presenting their version of the “best thing sliced bread”. And that’s exactly what customers at Brookstone‘s impressive Palo Alto store experienced last weekend. The kids played their [...]

Learn More About HAX Boost

Thinking about applying to HAX Boost? Check out our new video short. We’re the first accelerator program for hardware startups looking to scale into retail. At HAX Boost, we focus on marketing, distribution, and retail strategy in our 42-day program in San Francisco. If you’ve got a [...]

HAX Boostcamp: Week 2

Post by Sherry Hsu, Written by Kate Whitcomb Our 11 teams have now been with us for two weeks, which means Boostcamp has come to an end! Now, we move on to four weeks of meeting buyers, distributors, and other helpers as we pave the way to retail scale. We’ve had an exciting [...]