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Retail 101 for Hardware Startups Webinar

Retail for Hardware Startups:  Webinar Announcement This may sound familiar: you’ve thought up a brilliant hardware product. You’ve spent months perfecting your prototype, setting up a manufacturing pipeline, and building up your website and team. You can’t wait to see it on store shelves. So [...]

HAX Futures + MINI = URBAN-X

The HAX family is growing again! This time we’re rolling out HAX Futures, a new testbed for innovation for specific themes in partnership with leading corporate partners. And I’m especially excited to announce that our first HAX Futures program, URBAN-X, is a joint venture with [...]

One month to Demo Day

We are in our last month of the program to be concluded with Demo Day in San Francisco on November 10. It’s crunch time. We’ve been having many guest talks on PR, trademark protection, crowdfunding and the like to help the teams cover their grounds as they make their way to the limelight. [...]