Cradlewise named Top Invention of 2020 by Time Magazine

Times Magazine announced today that the Cradlewise Smart Crib was a Top Invention of 2020, alongside 99 other inventions included in their annual list of 100 top inventions.

Time Magazine announced today that the Cradlewise Smart Crib was a top invention of 2020, alongside 99 other inventions announced this year.

Cradlewise was founded by parents Radhika and Bharath Patil. “It all started out as a pet project at home. Anushka, our daughter, was a light sleeper who would wake up even if we tiptoed into the room. We simply wished she slept better. The first addition was a simple motor to bounce her back to sleep. Soon, other features followed, like music and app for monitoring. Before we knew it, we were building hand-crafted smart cribs in our living room,” said Bharath.  

The Cradlewise Smart Crib differentiates itself through its awareness of each child’s individual sleep needs.

“Most self-rocking cradles respond when a baby cries, but Cradlewise uses sensors to detect a child’s first stirrings. Based on the baby’s sleep schedule, the crib then determines whether to soothe them back to sleep with bouncing motions or to let them wake up,” said J.R. Sullivan of Time Magazine.

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