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: fabule.com

Fabule Fabrications makes devices for creative homes.

Get a “smart home” if you want, but in our home, smarts are secondary to warmth, welcome, creativity, and the people, pets and things we love. We make the interactive and connected devices that we’d want in our kind of home. And we make sure you can adapt them to yourkind of home.
Our first product is named Clyde. He’s a bright desk lamp and a multi-colored ambient light with bendy legs that let you tilt or hang him however you like. With a whimsical, jellyfish-like design and squishy silicone bits, he’s always fun to play with. Clyde interacts with his environment in some interesting ways, and can be made to respond to touch, ambient light levels, or remote control. Its extremely easy to open him up, and by changing out a simple component, you can customize his behavior. Clyde’s controller is Arduino compatible, so if you know how to program, or want to learn, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Fabule’s Kickstarter campaign for Clyde.

Raised: $149,530
Goal: $45,000

Fabule is a Canadian company.