HAX S4-2014IoT Enablement


: www.hoardspot.com

Hoard is developing the first Network of smart storage locations to help people to exchange physical things with others!
From now on people that rent out their apartment (e.g. on Airbnb) can manage the access for guests and cleaners from anywhere with smartphone controlled key lockers placed in 24/7 retail stores close to their apartment.

Therefore we are:

* acquiring a network of “hoard spots”, where the “hoard box” is installed (e.g. retail stores, gas stations, café chains, etc.),
* developing an application/website for user interaction (map with hoard spots, booking, payment, etc.),
* developing the hoard box, which is a small and smart locker system and interacts with the application/website.

Your local drop box! from hoard on Vimeo.