Application Deadline: February 28 2019

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Trying to get pregnant can be a huge pain in the ass. If pregnancy doesn’t happen easily, women have limited options: confusing urine test strips, or expensive doctor visits.

Kindara founder Kati Bicknell knew there had to be a better way, and set out to create it.

Kindara is the intelligent and organized way to get pregnant. With Kindara for iPhone women can track their daily fertility signs and gain new insight into their reproductive health. Users can see if and when they ovulate, find the optimal time to conceive, as well as identify potential fertility issues should any arise. Help is built into the app so women feel supported every step of the way.

Kindara gives women an amazing new window into their fertility, allowing them to be an active participant on their path to motherhood.

See them in action at ‘This Week In Startups’ with Jason Calacanis: