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: www.vibease.com

Vibease is the smart vibrator that gives women the best orgasm experience ever. Unlike other vibrators, Vibease able to incorporate all the key factors for female orgasms such as audio, emotion, fantasy and clitoral stimulation. Vibease makes fantasy comes to life by having the vibrator move in-sync with the fantasy story. When the story says “I’m touching you softly”, the vibrator will vibrate softly and when the story says “I’m touching you hard”, the vibrator will vibrate hard.
Vibease wants to be the market place for fantasies where the users can download different fantasies that comes with unique vibrations. Vibease consists of mobile app, Bluetooth vibrator and fantasy stories.

Vibease successfully launched on Indiegogo in July, 2013:

Raised: $130,425
Goal: $15,000

Vibease is a Singapore company.