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: www.yeelink.net

Yeelink is a platform help makers and traditional  enterprise creating new gen electronic, connected devices and App-enabled hardwares.

Numerous makers in China have benefited from our service and built remarkable things, like air quality sensor, remote controller, home automation, smart LED lighting and home security systems, most of them just used basic arduino programming skills, but still delivered amazing experience even comparable to commercial products.

Yeelink offered them a series of tool contains platform Saas service, home gateway,  and zigbee communication modules and APP templates for reference design, and there are ton of tutorials on Yeelink for developer to start in several minutes.

With more than 3500 members, Yeelink is becoming the most active maker society in China, and several idea is turning into commercial products like Yeelight, the most flexible smart LED lighting solution that is ever made.

Yeelight APP CN

Yeelink APP US

Yeelink is a Chinese company.