Content Marketing Specialist (Technical)

Job description

Having designed one of the only direct-write electronics printers on the planet, our company has tons of knowledge but not enough time to share it. With your help we can turn curious engineers into savvy customers and then empower those customers with the knowledge they need to push our tools to the limit.We’d like to release a steady cadence of information about our products, underlying technologies, and industry trends. This content will be in the form of articles on our website, whitepapers, guest posts, support documentation, and content for email marketing or advertising.

Planning - You will contribute to content planning by proactively running keyword analyses to identify content gaps. You will need to stay on top of SEO trends and strategies within content marketing and on-page SEO and teach the rest of the team as you learn.

Research - Each article will begin with primary research: interviewing other Volterans about the upcoming topics, watching videos and webinars, and maybe even reading research papers or calling customers (examples).

Writing - We’re not just looking for a writer, we’re looking for a teacher. Someone who knows the value of teaching through metaphor, who can put themselves in the shoes of someone who doesn’t understand the material and leave them feeling accomplished and empowered by the end. You will need to match our personality and style (“have something worth saying” and “write like you talk”).

Collaborating - Video is a huge part of our content marketing strategy, so you’ll need to work closely with our amazing video producer on the many projects we’d like presented in both mediums. The ability to concisely explain difficult concepts on camera (while drafting scripts that do the same) would be an asset. If you have Photoshop or Illustrator skills, you’ll be putting them to work to create diagrams or images to accompany the written content.

Editing - Editing goes two ways at Voltera - you will be reviewing work written by others and coaching them on ways to improve their writing and communication skills. Technical staff will be reviewing your content for accuracy. Ultimately it is up to you to strike balance between accommodating feedback and getting things done, but someone who can edit – and be edited – is a must.

Measuring - You will be expected to measure the effectiveness of our written content and have meaningful conversations about improving it.At the end of the day, we’re a start-up. There will be plenty of other work thrown your way on top of whatever projects you bring to the table yourself.

After 6 months at Voltera you would be expected to update our brand guideline and internal documentation so that we’re aligned on how we communicate as a business.

Join a fast paced HAX portfolio company and be part of one of the largest hard tech communities in the world.

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