Network Engineer

Job description

Mesh++ designs solar- and battery-powered mesh WiFi radios and telemetry tools for temporary or permanent outdoor installations. Our intention is to make last-mile infrastructure fully wireless, allowing for simple temporary installations and non-intrusive permanent ones. Our key advantage is a low loss-per-hop that is accomplished with advanced hardware and proprietary ad-hoc routing.

This full-time position is based out of our office in River West, Chicago.

We are looking for a Network Engineer to assist in planning installations, testing new features, evaluating existing networks, measuring key metrics in real-world installations, and collect user feedback on software tools and network performance.

Design, evaluate, and perform tests on customer networks
Troubleshoot and report basic network problems
Evaluate long-term health of customer networks
Demonstrate Mesh++’s products and solutions to customers with a focus on value-based differentiators.
Respond to functional and technical elements of RFIs/RFPs
Establish device and network installation protocols
Perform quality assurance testing on software and hardware tools
Integrate Mesh++ nodes with industry standard equipment

Minimum Qualifications
Minimum of two industry associate certification required: Cisco (CCNA) certification a plus
At least 2 years of experience creating and managing authentication servers
A solid understanding of protocols like DNS, HTTP, SSH, etc.
Experience with a Linux terminal
Experience writing Python to run scripts and generate reports
Familiarity with hardware assembly and testing
Experience with capacity planning, disaster recovery, and network security
Experience with Network protocols, scripting/programming configurations, and performance monitoring

Preferred Qualifications
Familiarity with embedded systems
Experience with OpenWRT/LEDE/DD-WRT
Experience with common types of antennas and propagation patterns
Experience in a small high growth IT environment
Proven success in client facing positions
This is a paid position, $60k-75k annual depending on experience, equity available.

About Mesh Plus Plus

Mesh++ designs solar- and battery-powered WiFi routers with a dedicated wireless backhaul for temporary orpermanent outdoor installations. Our intention is to make last-mile infrastructure fully wireless, allowing for simpletemporary installations and non-intrusive permanent ones. Mesh++ has completed installations over underservedcommunities all over the world with the goal of developing a platform that enables anyone to bring internet access totheir community.

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