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Robotics Software Engineer

Job description

About Unbox Robotics

We are a robot technology company building intralogistics solutions for the new age of warehousing. Our focus is on building compact and flexible solutions and business models to suit the needs of E-commerce and Logistics companies across varying scale and geographies.
We incorporated in 2019 and are based out of Pune, India with a small but swiftly growing team of passionate minds.

Roles & Responsibilities:

● Building and managing a mission-critical cross-functional, Emerging-technology, Engineering team and enabling them to achieve the highest levels of productivity and excellence
● Establish and execute technical and product strategies to achieve short and long-term revenue and profitability objectives in a high growth and very dynamic environment.
● Investigate designs of different Warehouse and Industrial Automation and IoT
● Participate in building an overall system framework for modeling, control, simulation, testing,
analysis and evaluation of Mobile Robot System and other software elements
● Work on Path Planning to improve success metrics through changes in algos and map design
● Designing interfaces for Mobile Robots, System Control, Data Analysis and Reporting


● Strong software design skills, including debugging, performance analysis, test design and deployment
● Ability to develop motion primitives and path planning algorithms
● Expertise with robot platforms and sensors like Depth Camera, 3D and 2D Lidar
● Proven Industrial AMR, Autonomous Systems, ASRS development experience
● Communication technologies from WPAN to 5G & Embedded and Edge computing
● Lean Startup/Agile software development leadership experience
● Familiar with C ++ programming under Linux, familiar with OpenCV and ROS, ROS2, Gazebo
● Solid mathematical foundation, master the basic theory and algorithm of computer vision
● Familiar with SLAM related algorithms, involving algorithms including visual feature extraction
and tracking, multi-view geometry, closed-loop detection and other front-end algorithms and graph optimization and other back-end algorithms

Eligible candidates:

● BS or MS in Computer Science or applicable engineering discipline (Applied Physics, Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering) or equivalent relevant work experience
● Intense C++ and ROS2 Experience
● Knowledge of frameworks such as RESTful services and APIs, MySQL, nodeJS, MongoDB
and React is a plus
● Experience with software version control systems like Git, Bitbucket, etc.
● 3+ years of relevant experience of working with robotic systems and experience in writing
robust, well tested, production-quality code in Python, C++ and/or C

We Value:

● Strong communication skills both oral and written at technical and management level
● Skill and ability to: collect, curate, organize, synthesize and/or analyze data to summarize
findings and develop conclusions and evidence-based recommendations essential
● Leadership that demonstrates professional will and persistence, - compassionate yet
unyielding in achieving your team’s goals during uncertainties and personal humility
● Practice evidence-based management being data-driven and analytical in your problem
● Ability to work in an environment where work is collaborative, technical disagreements are common.
● Work life balance is a big thing, so we offer flexible hours
● Strong work ethic and a good balance of work and fun is highly valued

Join a fast paced HAX portfolio company and be part of one of the largest hard tech communities in the world.

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