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Chief Operations Officer

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Company Overview
Green Li-ion is a brand new VC-funded startup that is revolutionising the energy storage industry. With world first deep clean technology that full rejuvenates Lithium-Ion batteries.

Much of the hard commercial work is done, we have received massive funding and have pre-sold over USD$5,000,000 worth of our technology… now we need an engineering and manufacturing guru to help deliver it. If you ever wanted to get in on day one of a business or start your own this is a great opportunity.

We are looking for a highly entrepreneurial Chief Operating Officer, who will be responsible for setting up all engineering activities / operations, de-risking our engineering, procurement, manufacturing and logistics. You will build and deliver world first machines worth more than USD1m each to the USA, Europe and Asia. This is a broad role where you’ll be working closely with the CEO, ensuring that we have the best people and processes in place to achieve our ambitious goals and implement aligned with that company's strategies.

Build A Better Future
Our ambition is to remove all Lithium Ion Batteries from landfill (currently 95% of all spent batteries end up there) and rejuvenate them for the future of energy ensuring that energy can be reborn. Beyond this motivation we are looking for a founding leader that will have access to equity and salary in one of Asia’s most promising start ups ensuring endless opportunities for this leader in our greener future.

Primarily you must have built complex chemical engineering projects (ideally from concept) in Asia and deployed them globally. Having managed design, engineering, construction and commissioning / manufacturing greenfield projects. Moreover, you have a proven track record of engineering achievements along with a track record of working with a network of suppliers that like and trust you. Beyond your managerial skills, you have strong structuring and analytical skills with the ability to set up efficient business processes and asses risk. Your knowledge either battery recycling, renewable energy or chemical / pharmaceutical sectors as well as your high drive and ambition to perform are impressive. Independence, flexibility, and speed are as important to you as geographical mobility and international experience. Entrepreneurial drive and the ability to achieve goals in a fast-paced environment complete your profile.

This role will primarily be based in Singapore with travel we prioritise any applicants from Singapore but welcome anyone with 20 years engineering and machinery new build and deployment experience in start ups or innovative companies. If interested please email

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