Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Job description

About the role The Senior Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for our infrastructure across both lines of business and multiple regions. The software teams at Opentrons play a key role in achieving the success of our lofty mission: building flexible lab robotics AND delivering fast and accurate diagnostic test results. The ideal candidate has strong opinions (loosely held) about the architecture, design, and approach to building modern, maintainable software solutions, and is eager to deliver those solutions in a mission-critical environment. Responsibilities: Take primary responsibility for the cloud infrastructure. Partner with the rest of software engineering to build resilient and observable systems. Implement effective solutions to manage cost. Develop access policies for users and systems with a least-privilege mentality. Proactively help unblock teammates. Communicate across departments and manage stakeholder needs. Help triage and solve tricky bugs when teammates need assistance. Collaboratively plan for and build toward long-term goals, including architectural and other design decisions that will have wide-reaching impact. Minimum Qualifications: 6+ years experience of working on highly available, distributed systems. Strong software engineering skills and fundamentals. Excitement to work in a small, multi-disciplinary team. Experience writing well-tested, resilient applications. Interest in biology and an eagerness to learn. Extra Qualifications: Contributions or active maintenance of open-source software. Experience maintaining CI/CD pipelines on cloud environments. Biology and/or wet lab experience.

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