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Particle is hiring a couple of Frontend Engineers to work on the web frontend applications that Particle customers use to login, setup their IoT devices, manage their fleet, and gain insight into their IoT solution running on the Particle platform. You will build, deploy, test, and monitor a suite of applications that enable product creators to rapidly deploy and scale an IoT solution.

You will:
Develop web frontend applications
You will write code and implement UIs for the web frontend applications – not only the Console, an Ember application, (which we are transitioning to React), used by our most important enterprise customers to manage large fleets of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in real world deployments, but also the login application and the device setup application written in React. With help from technical experts, you will also dive into web backend applications written in Javascript and Ruby like the Particle REST API. With the guidance of a Particle lead engineer, you will add capabilities to those services based on product requirements developed by Particle’s Product Management team. You will test your code using unit and integration tests that run under continuous integration. You will validate your changes using real Particle cellular devices connected to the Particle cloud platform. You will refactor legacy Ember code into React as we modernize our frontend codebase.
Ensure the performance, reliability and security of frontend applications
You will instrument the applications to report user activity metrics. You will participate in triaging issues reported by customers as well as those logged automatically in our error tracking system, and work to resolve issues by order of priority. You will update dependencies to maintain the application up-to-date, and you will collaborate with the security team to respond to security vulnerability reports.
Design the future of the Particle Cloud
You will collaborate with the Product team, lead engineers, and UI designers to provide users with a good experience at all stages of their journey managing their IoT product. You will plan your work for 2-week agile sprints with guidance from your manager.
Work daily with a global team
You'll be working daily with a global team of engineers, designers, and product managers, and will be one of our first hires on our Guadalajara team. Because the Particle engineering team is distributed, we focus on excellent written and oral technical communication. You will participate in code reviews to learn about other parts of the Particle cloud, and share your knowledge with other engineers.

You have:
3+ years of experience developing web-end applications in Javascript React and/or Ember
Expertise in Javascript with a firm understanding of its most common runtimes (Browsers, Node.js)
Experience with modern frontend tooling like bundlers (webpack), package managers (npm, bower), and testing frameworks (Jest, Mocha)
A deep understanding of HTML5 and CSS
An understanding of web technologies (HTTP, REST APIs, web servers)
Experience with test-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment
A strong understanding of git and the GitHub platform
Phenomenal communication skills; both written and verbal
Experience working remotely for a U.S.-based company

Experience designing UIs and working with common design tools
General understanding of good UX practices
Experience with Node.js for backend development

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