Alan Clayton

Startup Coach & Roaming Mentor at SOSV

Since joining SOSv in 2011, Alan has helped the teams at Avego, Mapflow, and numerous SOSv startups to align vision, values, skills, and behaviours.

In addition to spending many years playing many roles in the field of business coaching, Alan has devoted much time and effort to the ‘Fairtrade’ movement.

In 2009, Alan launched the Wish4 Fairtrade brand, establishing direct links with supplier groups in Africa. Prior to this, he had set up a trading venture to bring the top Fairtrade brands from the UK and Europe to the Irish retail and food-service markets, ultimately establishing Fairtrade as a whole new retail category for Tesco.

Alan is one of the four original founders of Amadeus International, a coaching consultancy which grew to more than 35 consultants, with international clients including Motorola, AT&T, GlaxoSK, Aviva, and Shell. In just one memorable moment, AI also saved a water utility company £19 million in one day.

Since 1997, Alan has delivered ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset’ program to startups of all types, on behalf of regional enterprise boards.

He serves on the Enterprise Ireland mentor team, coaching companies in such sectors as food, technology, theatre production, and media.

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