Application Deadline: May 31st 2020

Ashton Udall

Senior Product Manager at Amazon Lab126

As a founding partner at Global Sourcing Specialists, Ashton Udall has led numerous product development and sourcing projects for clients across a wide array of product categories. In several client engagements, he has helped clients develop products, source manufacturing, and ramp their supply chains to support growth from the start-up stage to selling product lines through national and international retailers. Ashton has shared his international manufacturing expertise on seminar panels and as guest lecturer at Stanford University, the Industrial Designers Society of America, and led workshops with the Inventors Alliance of Silicon Valley, and Young Inventors International.

Prior to Global Sourcing Specialists, Ashton helped lead the establishment of a United States office for a Chinese trade and manufacturing company. He has worked closely with engineering, sourcing, and quality assurance teams inside Chinese offices, and has trade-related experience in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Ashton is now a member of Jawbone in California.

Ashton has an MBA from Santa Clara University, an MA in Asian Studies from the University of Hawaii, and was a fellow in the Asia–Pacific Leadership Program at the East-West Center in Hawaii. He is a published author in the psychology Journal of Social Cognition and is proficient in the Indonesian language.

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