Dave Merrill

VP of Enabling Technology at 3D Robotics

Co-founder and president of Sifteo, a company based in San Francisco building the future of play.

Sifteo began when co-founders Dave Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi teamed up as graduate students at the MIT Media Lab. They wanted to re-think human-computer interaction by designing new, physical interfaces. One afternoon they sat around a table in the lab’s kitchen and imagined sorting through a pile of digital data as if it were a pile of LEGOs. The idea for Sifteo cubes was born.

A few generations of prototypes later, Dave was invited to share their work by giving a presentation on the main stage at the TED conference in 2009 – and the talk went viral. This public enthusiasm galvanized the pair to found Sifteo Inc., and four months later Dave and Jeevan were at work in San Francisco building a company. With a growing team of collaborators, Sifteo cubes took shape to become first-of-its-kind truly hands-on game system.

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