Application Deadline: May 31st 2020

Dellaena Maliszewski

Chief Magic Officer

Marketing and Product professional with 8+ years working passionately to connect consumers, products, startups, technologists and international entrepreneurs in areas of strategy, networking, and building diversity.

Proven leadership with strategic generation of necessary creative assets, supporting landing pages inside brand guidelines (Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML/CSS, and JS).

Established leadership for Lean/agile engineering processes within marketing applications.

Recent Successes:

-Successful launch and execution of IoT Profiles Series Product, experimental acquisition and retention efforts

-Nurturing email campaigns with 43% open rate and 9,000 downloads of content offering

-1,500 new users in 26 countries, 90K in revenue for an online conference

-Doubled goals and metrics over Social Media every week

-Integration of high level partnerships with Enterprises such as IBM, Cisco, Zappos, + more.

-Record breaking subscription numbers in areas of Design & IoT, optimization of digital funnels with Optimizely, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc.

-Onboarding of 165 new meetups/partnerships globally

-Successful PR planning/execution with placements in major media outlets and blogger network