Jon Souza

Senior Managing Partner at Lienau Sales and Marketing

Jon Souza started working in retail with Transworld Entertainment a music and video retailer, both as a store manager, and a buyer. Following that he was the Director of Purchasing, for Valley Media, a leading music, video and video games distributor in California back when the .com bubble burst.

Seeing that music and video were moving more towards streaming he changed industries, joining Circuit City as a buyer for notebook computers and accessories. After managing over $2 Billion in purchasing at Circuit City over three years he moved to the West Coast for family reasons and entered into sales.

He joined Lienau Sales and Marketing in 2005 as an outside sales manager and became a co-owner in the firm in 2012. With his team, including several ex Amazonians they have become one of the premier sales and marketing groups calling on Amazon and manage brands from the largest at Amazon to the smallest startups.

In 2013, Lienau formed a new company with Channel Consult EU, called LSM Global, to provide sales and marketing services to both Amazon Europe and key retailers in Europe.

Lienau and LSM Global provide a global solution to brands wanting to cover all of Amazon’s locales in North America and Europe while also helping brands sell to all key retail locations throughout Europe including assistance in VAT, importer of record, merchandising, and PR.

Now being in retail for over 25 years, Jon likes helping people achieve their goals while working with a great team of people that have fun at their jobs while delivering the best service in the business.