Application Deadline: May 31st 2020

Ulrich Gall

Founder at Innovative Auctions Limited

Entrepreneur, Investor, and one of the world’s leading experts on high-stakes online auctions for telecommunications spectrum, natural resources, electricity, top-level domains, financial products, and other high value assets, Ulrich Gall has been involved in startups in all functions – as employee, founder, advisor, and angel investor.

He is deeply familiar with all aspects of auctions, including auction design, software architecture and development, project management, auction management, and bidder training. He was lead investor for Matterport, and among the first investors in Incident, maker of the gTar. While working at Sun’s Java Software division, he architected the hardware device access API of the OSGi platform, after designing the API for the WindWeb server, one of the first embedded web servers, running on VxWorks.

Ulrich has a background in Computer Science and still loves writing code when he finds the time.

Tom Chi