Yohan Jacob

Retail Management Consultant

I have a track record of taking both retailers and consumer product manufacturers to next level. I have created and executed short and long term strategies that have proven to be successful. I also have a strong understanding of how to acquire customers as well as how to position clients’ products or services.

I am one of the few retail management consultants that has been on BOTH SIDES of the retail fence. I have worked for a CE manufacturer as well as worked for 2 large billion dollar retailers.

I founded Retailbound in 2006 to help consumer product manufacturers as well as retailers/distributors with fine-tuning strategic plans, launching new products, building distribution on existing products, and developing new promotion initiatives.

Available on a retainer or as needed basis, Retailbound can share with you decades of experience and knowledge that my team has gained in the retail industries:

* Merchandising and Distribution Strategies
* Marketing and Sales Programs
* Creative Product Development
* Procurement Relations and Strategies

My team and I have already helped many manufacturers, importers, distributors and inventors surge forward with renewed enthusiasm, finding areas of development and methods of increasing profits that were earlier not even considered.

Specialties: Retail Merchandising (brick and mortar, online, and catalog), Product Development, Retail Sales, In-store Marketing, Licensing, Packaging, Vendor Negotiation, Importing, Inventory Management