Impact Biosystems

Pact measures your muscles to give you the most effective and personalized massage treatment.

Inspired by professional trainers, the Pact system tailors its massaging experience to the user's muscle profile and body conditions, giving the most effective recovery treatment.

The Pact system operates with two core devices: Pact Sense and Pact Pulse, both connected with the user’s smartphone via the Pact App.

The Pact system first measures your muscle conditions before recommending an appropriate recovery treatment. Using six sensors, Pact Sense tracks the user’s muscle readiness index (which indicates how stiff and relaxed your muscles are) in real-time. The data gathered will allow the Pact mobile app to generate a bespoke warm-up or recovery routine for the user, which will inform the Pact Pulse of a precise and optimized massage regime.

Impact Biosystem and HAX worked together in early stage product development and pre-seed investment in 2020