SEED PROGRAM / community

global hard tech community

Community means a lot to us. It's actually the most important part of what we've built at HAX, more than the money, mentors or manufacturers.

Our community is a unique group of driven, thoughtful people working on some of the most challenging problems and cross-discipline technologies. This means we tend to bond weird stuff: over powered motors , sketchy manufacturing site visits, the dark art of RF, and the moments where real things in the real world come to life.

While it's fun to work alongside so many inspiring people from every corner of the world, the power of this community comes in how we help each other. We're constantly surprised by the connections that are made, and the exponential outcomes that result with HAX founders supporting each other. This can be as tangible as sharing vetted manufacturing contacts, giving feedback on a pitch or design review in CAD, but it's also being there for the the toughest moments of founding and the challenges, both mental and physical, that come with it.

Everyone that joins HAX is also expected to both give and receive from the community. This doesn't just happen during the Program but for the years beyond as startups grow and address new challenges at each stage of their business.