partners for the long run

We are first and foremost investors in your business. That means we are partners with startups for the long run and want to see them succeed and grow far beyond the initial Seed Program engagement.

Our goal for the program is to help get teams moving at the fastest possible speed but also give them the tools, networks and community to continue growing for years to come.

follow-on investment
up to $3m USD

We invest 75% of our capital after our first investment and actively participating in in companies as they raise their Seed, Series A, B, etc... up through Pre-IPO rounds. The HAX leadership team also remains active with companies throughout their growth journey and bring our experience as teams reach different milestones. We occasionally take board seats on the teams we've invested in, or remain as advisors and shareholders.

global network and events

HAX alumni bring some of the most valued experience back to the HAX community. Whether it's celebrating success or learning from the challenges of building a hard tech business. Alumni are encouraged to remain active in the community as always welcome to HAX events. We are also always looking for new connections to make and bring different parts of our network together.

access to space and resources

After the program, startups can utilize our locations in Shenzhen and San Francisco for meetings, testing, or establishing a longer term office space. For alumni, we offer desks, offices and spaces for monthly rent (at significantly reduced local rates) with access to the same ecosystem, tools and community.

up until Seed Round.