the team and tools to build.

It takes more than capital to build great hard tech companies. The combination of so many technologies can often be too broad for a small team of 2-3 founders with a finite amount of money.  We've built our team, locations and networks to help teams get a breadth of advanced skillsets, access to resources and global ecosystems so they don't have to waste precious time or money getting them. Even more important is the experience of our team, bringing decades of learning and launching products to help teams go as fast as possible.

an experienced team

We've brought together experienced engineers, designers and entrepreneurs to be on our full time staff. Many of us have started our own businesses or been part of high growth startups. We know what it takes and also empathy for the hard work every one of our founders puts in. Our team comes from all over the world, just like our founders, representing over a dozen nationalities.

The HAX team works hands-on with startups and working members of their product development and business teams. We aim to not just give advice but do the work to meaningful move forward every startup. Our teams will work deeply with teams electrical engineering, mechanical design, industrial design, design for manufacturing, branding, communication assets, business model development and go-to-market strategy. We know every startup is different so we inject the right amount of effort into each team depending on what they need the most to move forward.

spaces and tools

Our three HAX locations are combined over 50,000 square feet of space designed for early stage hard tech startups. We've built out advanced workshops, large testing areas, bio-chem lab, shared office and community spaces (Oh, and also the underwater robot pool...). It's easy to say these aren't average co-working space.

Our inventory of tools is too long to list out here but, if we don't have it, we have expanded our global and local networks to access most any resource or facility you may need.

Our spaces are also strategically located in the best ecosystems in the world for hard tech so teams spend just as much time out of the office working with partners. Our largest location is based in Shenzhen, with our office on top the world's largest electronics market and at the center of the world's premier manufacturing city.

digital knowledge and networks

HAX has invested in over 250 startups working across almost every industry, which has lead to a unique mixture of knowledge both within our team and even more so in the community of founders. HAX startups have access and contribute to a shared repository of information, toolkits, lectures and qualified partners.

"Working with the HAX team was the turning point in our business and technology to scale."