Why Investors Loved Juicero

If you haven’t heard of Juicero yet, it’s the latest smart kitchen revolution: a connected cold-press juicer for the home. Introduced at US$699, it is now priced US$399 with packs [...]

HAXLR8R launches Hardware News

Hardware News is a social news website that caters to hardware hackers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to all things hardware. Yes, it was about time. Run to news.haxlr8r.com for a [...]

Kickstarter x HAXLR8R

Thanks to Kickstarter, HAXLR8R has now gathered its crops into one single page for you to follow! Go to Kickstarter.com/haxlr8r and, of course, back’em’all!

HAXLR8R☢3 Day!

HAXLR8R has been at it for the whole summer, crafting the launch of 10 hardware startups with the usual magic ready to pop. See you in San Francisco!