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Amid pandemic concerns, dry-cleaning kiosk maker Presso shifts focus to clothing disinfecting for film studios
Hannah DeTavis
Presso has added a sanitation element to its robotic dry-cleaning kiosks.
Presso has added a sanitation element to its robotic dry-cleaning kiosks. Source: Presso

Like many businesses, dry-cleaning kiosk company Presso (HAX 2018) is pivoting its focus to sanitation efforts amid the pandemic. Previously, Presso worked with hospitality clients to provide robotic kiosks in hotels for quick dry-cleaning services.

Now, the company has added a disinfecting element to its robots that meets CDC guidelines, and has begun selling these sanitizing dry-cleaning robots to TV and film production companies.

Presso’s shift to modified sanitation robots is bankrolled in part by a $250,000 in funding, which brought the company’s total to $511,000. Presso has already snagged high-profile clients in the film industry, including Disney/Marvel, HBO, CBS, and FOX—amounting in a 200% growth in orders.

Speaking to TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Nishant Jain remarked:

“My family in India actually contracted coronavirus and my mom and grandparents had to be hospitalized. They are all safe now thankfully. If we can play even a small part in keeping clothes sanitized and people safe, we’d be honored. Even our team members have been quite active with helping out their local communities by sourcing masks and PPE for hospitals and designing ventilators.”