The HAX Program

Hard problems in human & planetary health require hard tech solutions.

building hard tech is hard

We know because we’ve done it. It’s not your standard startup playbook, and it requires founders who are ready to get their hands dirty and go far beyond their computer keyboard. That’s why we engage beyond capital. We bring the right combination of engineering resources, community, and long-term capital to empower founders to move at unparalleled speed and global scale.

we invest and build alongside our founders

Startups apply to HAX with an initial prototype, customer insight, and vision. We then invest and build alongside our founders, fundamentally inflecting their technical progress with our team of engineers and investment partners. Founders should think of HAX as an extension of their engineering, business development, fundraising, design, and marketing teams. As startups reach critical milestones, we support fundraising strategy and investor introductions. As part of SOSV, we continue to invest in follow-on rounds to the tune of over $25 million per year globally from our new Fund V and the SOSV $100M Select Fund.

we are a globally diverse community

The most valuable part of the program (that is often understated) is engagement with a globally diverse community of HAX founders. Many have been successful, all have learned hard lessons, and everyone is excited to help each other succeed. Our community has grown to include a curated group of mentors, experts and partners that give our hard tech startups the best edge.

we are SOSV

HAX is built on the foundation of the multi-stage venture firm SOSV, which also operates the IndieBio startup program for startups focused on bio-tech approaches to human and planetary health. In addition to our investment capital,  SOSV’s marketing platform provides breakout opportunities for our portfolio companies to shine through the annual SOSV Human Health 100 and SOSV Climate Tech 100 lists, as well as the annual SOSV Climate Tech Summit and VC-Founder Matchup, which attracts more than 5,000 participants.