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Bridging the gap with experience and infrastructure

We are a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs brought together to support early stage startups working on hard tech. We have pulled together the people, resources and investment capital with the goal of enabling the next generation of hard tech startups.

Duncan Turner photo

Duncan Turner

General Partner, SOSV & Managing Director, HAX
Cyril Ebersweiler photo

Cyril Ebersweiler

General Partner, SOSV & Managing Director, HAX
Susan Schofer photo

Susan Schofer

Partner & Chief Science Officer, HAX
Ji Ke photo

Ji Ke

Partner & CTO, HAX
Ara Varma photo

Ara Varma

Associate, HAX
Leo Chen photo

Leo Chen

Program Director, HAX
Joe Oliveira photo

Joseph Oliveira

Workshop Manager, HAX
Andrew Gollach photo

Andrew Gollach

Mary Jane Durkin photo

Mary Jane Durkin

Operations Lead, HAX
Hana Jin photo

Hana Jin

General Manager, Hax
Daniela Fraga photo

Daniela Fraga

Venture Fellow, HAX
Macy Fu photo

Macy Fu

Business Relationship Director, HAX
Tina Chen photo

Tina Chen

Operations Assistant, HAX
Tushar Tomar photo

Tushar Tomar

Workshop Manager , HAX
Ned Desmond photo

Ned Desmond

Senior Operating Partner, SOSV
Lauren McCranie photo

Lauren McCranie

Director of Communications, SOSV

Naomi Stevens

Program co-ordinator, HAX
Brandon Chan photo

Brandon Chan

Mechatronics Engineer, HAX
Sebastian Flynn-Roach photo

Sebastian Flynn-Roach

Lab Manager, HAX
Sophie Helfend photo

Sophie Helfend

Business Development Manager, HAX
Charles Peter photo

Charles Peter

Director of Mechanical Engineering, HAX
Manvendra Kumar photo

Manvendra Kumar

Senior Mechanical Engineer , HAX
Kelvin Wang photo

Kelvin Wang

Workshop Manager, HAX
Joe Hurd

Joe Hurd

Operating Partner, SOSV
Vitaly Vyazovsky photo

Vitaly Vyazovsky

Creative Director, HAX
Tyler Shi

Tyler Shi

Mechanical Engineer, HAX
Sam Liao photo

Sam Liao

Mechanical Engineer, HAX
Michael Moon photo

Michael Moon

Director of Electronic Engineering, HAX
Jenny Zhou

Jenny Zhou

Sourcing Assistant, HAX

Alan Clayton

Global Roaming Mentor, SOSV
Qiyu Wu

Qiyu Wu

Operations Director, HAX