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Bartesian Cocktail Maker prepares a drink with the touch of a finger
Hannah DeTavis
Bartesian Cocktail Maker
The Bartesian Cocktail Maker. Source: Bartesian

Fast Company recently reviewed Bartesion’s smart cocktail maker, the “Keurig for cocktails,” that is sweeping the internet by storm.

Approximately the size of an air fryer, the Bartesian Cocktail Maker includes four glass bottles to house liquor — whisky, vodka, tequila, and either gin or rum. Using a touchscreen, users can select their drink strength, insert a Bartesian cocktail capsule, and watch as the machine dispenses liquor from the bottles to craft a drink.

Bartesian (HAX 06) sells more than 40 different patented cocktail flavors with varying options for sweetness (including Stevia options). Printed on each capsule is a barcode that instructs the machine what liquid to dispense — and tells consumers what glass to prepare for the drink.

The Chicago-based company has taken off since it launched its first retail product in 2019. Last April, Bartesian closed a $20M Series A, and Hyatt Hotels shortly after picked up the Bartesian Cocktail Maker to act as a minibar replacement at select Hyatt locations.