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Behind the scenes: HAX taking shape in Newark
Lauren McCranie

NJBIZ stopped by the Newark HAX space for an update on its progress and footprint in the Newark tech ecosystem.

“Construction is underway to transform that space into what will be the permanent home of HAX, which plans to take 100 companies through the program over the next five years, including investing $250,000 in each of the startups, and providing hands-on collaboration, mentorship, access to a global founder community and much more. And even though that permanent space is not set to be complete until around the third quarter of this year, a number of early-stage companies have already come to Newark, operating out of a temporary space one floor above with workspaces and hands-on engineering and tools – such as advanced 3D printing, manual metal fabrication, CNC machining, laser cutting and more – giving a gritty, industrial, startup energy as these young ventures attempt to build companies using innovation to take on major challenges.”

“‘It will take time, but eventually, we expect that the HAX presence in Newark will have generated a slew of high-tech industrial companies helping reshape the U.S. industrial landscape. As we look to a decarbonized industrial economy, we need to completely reinvent the way that goods are manufactured, from base metals to chicken nuggets, hydrogen transportation to gene therapy manufacturing,’ Duncan Turner, SOSV general partner and HAX managing director, told NJBIZ. “We are investing in the next wave of manufacturing and health care companies that will put N.J. on the map.'”

NJBIZ also spoke with HAX companies Still Bright, Lura Health, and Portable Diagnostic Systems, for their take on HAX and the Newark community. Daniel Weinstein, founder & CEO of Lura Health, which moved from Boston to Newark for the HAX program, said “…I think in New Jersey, it’s more of a grassroots-type community. From day one, NJEDA comes to the offices. They tell all the startups about the programs…I feel like New Jersey, they really want people to succeed.”

“Weinstein said he believes Newark will rank among the most active early-stage hardware locations in the world. ‘We’ve already seen HAX companies raise enormous Series B, Series C, like hundreds of millions,’ Weinstein explained. ‘You’ll see pretty soon some HAX companies here will be raising that type of amount. Hopefully, we’ll be one of them. I think we will. But it’s going to be massive. All the activity that HAX does will put Newark on a global stage. I have zero doubt about that.'”