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Cradlewise Rocks The Show At CES 2021

Cradlewise took CES 2021 by storm, and is announcing pre-orders across the United States starting today.
Dylan Crow


Cradlewise, the San Francisco based smart crib company, walked away from CES this year as one of the hottest upcoming product launches.

The team was awarded an Editor's Choice Award by USA Today's consumer electronics division and named by Parents magazine as one of the top 10 products for families in 2021. The team also saw positive reviews and coverage from Engadget, Al Jazeera, CNET, and Yahoo News.

This comes on the heels of being named one of the top 100 inventions of 2020 by Time Magazine.

“We designed a crib that we wanted as parents. Modern baby monitors just inform you that the baby has woken up.” said Radhika Patil, co-founder CEO at Cradlewise. “Cradlewise acts on early wakeup signs and automatically soothes the baby back to sleep.”

Cradlewise is now launching pre-orders for the smart crib across North-America in March, 2021. Following a successful closed launch in the Bay Area/SF in October 2020, parents have shared glowing reviews after using the crib, and the team at Cradlewise is excited to bring the product and services to even more consumers.

Parents across the United States can pre-order the Cradlewise Smart Crib here.

Dylan Crow


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